Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cloud Chaser Sky Overlays

It's no secret that I love to chase clouds. Rarely a day passes by that sky watching isn't on my agenda.

 It's where I find peace.

It's my happy place.

Being such a cloud lover, I feel like my images are cheated when the sky is blown, or when the sky's mood doesn't correspond with the mood I want for the image.  

And that is how my journey with sky overlays began....

Cloud Chaser Sky Overlay collection includes 50 high-resolution skies to use with any software that allows for layering (sorry, this does not include lightroom!)

This is an instant download of jpeg images that are delivered digitally.

All images see here were edited using the Image Love Actions

Image submitted by Once Upon a Love Photography

Image submitted by Once Upon a Love Photography

Image submitted by Candice MacDonnell Photography

Image submitted by Jenifer Allen Photography

Image submitted by Victoria Simmons Photography

**All images see here were edited using the Image Love Actions**

Fifty Stunning Skies to add drama, mood and artistry to your image...

Cloud Chaser Sky Overlays
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*due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. please make sure you have compatible software, including but not limited to: photoshop and photoshop elements, GIMP, and some corel programs
these DO NOT work in lightroom.  a basic understanding of your software is helpful, as well as working with layers

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In the Dark: Favorite Eight Weekly Photo Challenge Featured Images

I don't know about the rest of you, but it seems like this time every year is my busiest. I'm sorry for being a few days late getting this post up (and announcing the new theme), but I will be extending the theme until 11/3/13 so there is plenty of time to get submissions in.  And so, without further delay, here are my favorite eight images submitted for the theme "In the Dark".

Ok, how could this not be my top pick this week? I love the colors, the ambiance, the mood, everything about this image makes me wanna go for a night drive.  Congrats Carla Thompson Photography, you are this week's winner of $25 shop credit!

And once again, the fabulous Indira blows me away with another amazing image.

Join us this week and next for the challenge "Peace & Quiet".  You can submit in the designated album in the group or on my biz page, just be sure to tag your biz page if you have one!

Thanks to everyone who submitted, I love them all!

Leah Nicole

Monday, October 14, 2013

Anything Goes: Favorite 8 Weekly Photo Challenge

Hi again or hello for the first time, thanks for stopping by to see which images won my heart this time.  This week's post actually covers the last two weeks worth of submissions for the theme "Anything Goes", and as usual, you made it hard for me to choose only eight.  But alas, it must be done, so here they are:

This week's top pick and recipient of a $25 shop credit is.....

and the other seven entries that made me swoon:

Jamie Jockheck Photography

Thanks again for all the amazing submissions, you all are making it harder to decide every week and that means you are growing.  I can't believe how many views the "Favorite Eight" posts are getting, and I look forward to seeing this community of photographers flourish.  Join us this week by posting your submission in the facebook group for the theme "In the Dark", or share your image on my facebook page (and don't forget to link your page when posting so I can link back to you if you're featured!).

And most importantly-
Inspire and be inspired.

Leah Nicole

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Favorite 8 | Weekly Challenge

I'm late, I know!  But not only did life throw me a few curve balls this week, but all the gorgeous entries were so hard to narrow down to eight!

Top pick and winner of the $25 shop credit:

Thanks to everyone that submitted! This weeks theme is "Anything Goes", and will be running now-October 13 since I am getting a late start this week.  You can submit on my facebook page  or in the designated album in our facebook group. Be sure to link to your biz page, so I can find you!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Swooned Workflow Presets for Lightroom

You asked for them, and here they are:  50 totally stackable presets, for an amazing custom edit. 

From clean to extreme, you have complete control of your edit, with 50 power-packing stackable presets ranging from exposure corrections to adding depth, adding tones, color shifts, matte finishes and so much more. I've even included several [Complete] presets for one-click edits, and frames to finish off your gorgeous edit for a picture-perfect presentation.

I N C L U D I N G :

Reset All

B+W | Color Clean | Color Drama | Color Rich

[Color Shift]
Barely | Earthy | Ocean

Autumn | B+W Matte | Rise & Shine | Spring | Summer | Winter | Daring

Add Drama | Grain | Matte | Mega Matte | Mega Grain | Vignette | Mega Vignette

Add Depth | Add Light Light | Auto White Balance | Boost Clarity | Exposure Fix (4 options) | Haze Buster | No Color | Recover Highlights | Reduce Noise | Soften | Sharpen | Tame Skintones | Warmer | Cooler

Acidic | Sapphire | Cyan | Aloe | Fawn | Vintage | Plum | Earthen

Black Borders | White Borders | Rounded Corners White | Rounded Corners Black

S W O O N E D   W O R K F L O W   P R E S ET S

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due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Black Magic Presets for Lightroom

Now my best selling action for photoshop is available to you Lightroom lovers!  

what's included:
2 preset versions of Black Magic, one has a stronger matte effect than the other
 1 "Turn Off the B+W" preset to make it color

3 presets total-

Black Magic for Lightroom

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